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Exclusive: Warlord Games in a New Partnership!

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Warlord Games and Wargames Factory are pleased to announce a partnership of historical significance.

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Warlord Games will be the exclusive worldwide distributor of all Wargames Factory miniatures, featuring sets from such classic historical periods as the Dark Ages, War of Spanish Succession and American War of Independence. Wargames Factory have also produced a highly detailed new, unreleased range of Science Fiction and Dark Futures miniatures.

Wargames Factory Skeleton Warriors

The partnership adds value and market presence to both companies and allows each to focus on their strengths.

Wargames Factory AWI British Inf

John Stallard, Managing Director of Warlord Games, said…

“Both Warlord Games and Wargames Factory started business at the same time, eight years ago, both with the goal of making exciting, affordable plastic miniatures available to the wargames market. Although both companies grew in splendid isolation, we are excited about partnering with the talent at Wargames Factory. This way we can provide many more plastics sets for even more periods of history.”

Wargames Factory APocalypse Survivors the Men

Waikee Hui, CEO of Wargames Factory, said…

“We are excited to have a partner for sales and distribution in the wargaming industry like Warlord Games. It allows us to remain focused on manufacturing high quality products over several industry sectors. WGF is not going out of business. We will continue to develop some interesting, new products for the industry. We are optimistic that the industry enthusiasts, customers and fans will appreciate the partnership.”

Wargames Factory Samurai

Wargames Factories ranges will be available through Warlord Games’ website and sales team beginning in October, 2015.

Please refer to the Warlord Games website and future newsletters for more updates on this exciting partnership.