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With the Invasion of Britain imminent just who do we turn to for protection? Why those brave lads of the BEF (British Expeditionary Force) of course! battered and bruised and rescued from the beaches of Belgium they still have plenty of fight in them and a stubborn will to survive and take the fight back to the enemy!


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Don’t forget those willing LDV (Local Defence Volunteers) doing their bit for King and Country!


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We’ve greatly expanded your options for civilians and volunteers alike for your ‘defence of the realm’ Bolt Action battles, or even perhaps as resistance in the country of your choice…Sign up today!


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Our band of favorite heroes is just as active in its defense against invasion as the rest of the LDV – they sure don’t like it up’ em!



Don’t Panic!

Invasion Britain

And this little lot is just the start – wait till you see what’s coming in July before the Invasion of Britain summer campaign launches!


Find out more about these rather spiffing characters this Friday!

Plus fantastic Icons, new equipment, special units to come throughout July!

phone box TS

Police box with policeman TS

Post box with officer TS


Secret weapons:

Bunker closed TS

And new units! It’s all right lads, we’re safe cos here come the Navy:

Let’s not forget the other side of the coin – are they for Britain or the enemy?


The black-shirted BUF make an appearance on the streets in Operation Sea Lion:


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We’re sure that these unruly gentlemen will be kept in line by the enemy when they arrive!


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German Feldgendarme on motorcycle TS

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