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There can only be 2 outcomes after this battle. Churchill lives, or Churchill dies. This scenario is about patrolling his residence in the country or attempting to infiltrate it. This is Sea Lion…

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Chequers, built on the site of a twelfth-century house in Buckinghamshire, has been the official country residence of the prime minister since 1921. Unfortunately, it was extremely visible from the air, with a drive that made a perfect bombing navigational aide. In the summer of 1940, Winston Churchill, therefore, used his family home at Chartwell, Kent, as a country residence. This house was perfectly located for the assassination attempt by a glider-born commando unit as part of the Baedeker raids. After the attack, the PM’s residence was moved to Ditchley in Oxfordshire.

The German player should try to capture Churchill before the British reserves can get to him, but if this is not possible then Churchill must be eliminated!

Set up

Chartwell is a large country home and not really suitable as the location for this scenario unless players set up an off-table building interior to represent combat within the mansion: suitable rules for fighting inside a building are given in the Bolt Action supplement, Germany Strikes!

Churchill was a keen painter and the Chartwell estate includes a number of one-room outbuildings. We suggest that the Churchill team be set up in such a converted farm building and Chartwell itself assumed to be just off-table. The land around Chartwell includes woods, open grassland suitable for gliders, ponds and gardens.

British Forces

The British player must use Winston Churchill and a force chosen from the British Regular Army Anti-Parachutist ‘Light Infantry’ Patrol Theatre Selector.

The British player must head off all German pushes. One lucky die roll and the Germans have a – literal – sudden death victory.

German Forces

The German player selects his force from the Airborne Raiders Theatre Selector.


The German player is trying to kill or capture Churchill. In order to capture Churchill, an infantry unit must assault Churchill’s team at close quarters and destroy it.

Confused fight

British units entering the table as reserves can enter from any point on any table edge – watch out!

Game duration

Keep a count of how many turns have elapsed as the game is played. At the end of Turn 5, roll a die. On a result of 1, 2 or 3 the game ends, on a roll of 4, 5 or 6 play one further turn. The game will also end immediately if Churchill is killed or captured.


The German player wins the game if he kills or captures Winston Churchill. The British Player wins if Churchill is alive and not captured at the end of the game. A draw is not possible.

Campaign Points

The German player receives 5 campaign points if he kills Churchill and 10 campaign points if he captures Churchill. The British player receives 7 campaign points for winning the scenario.


A great deal of fun can be had by using different forces for this scenario. The Germans might have BUF support coming on as reserves and the British might have Churchill protected by the Home Guard with British regulars coming on as reserves. The Germans get more points for capturing Churchill than killing him because of the great propaganda victory of a commando unit holed up in Kent with Churchill as a hostage.

And who knows how an enemy agent might come into play…

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