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Focus: The Soviet Starter Set for Konflikt ’47

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Another great article from Konflikting opinions as they go through and value the Soviet starter set for Konflikt’47!
In all the months since the release of K47, at no point have I stopped and thought “just what can you do with a starter box?”. I was at a new store near Coventry a couple of days ago where there was a lot of interest in the starter boxes, and I realised just how difficult it might be coming from other games into the K47 system and understand what a starter box represents.
Unlike the Bolt Action boxes, which state on the side what they are (1000pt German Heer Army, 1000pt Russian Army etc.), the K47 Starter armies tell you what you get in the box, but don’t really give any indication of what good value it is.

If you already have a Bolt Action army and are expanding that into K47, you’ve probably done the same as me and ignored the starter sets as you already have the infantry that you want in plastic. If you’re new to this system, however, or starting a sneaky side project the starter box is excellent value. The boxes give you enough infantry for two squads and a Lieutenant, a squad of rift-technology enhanced infantry and some lovely vehicles to play with. Add this to order dice, pin markers, a handy mini-rulebook and a cardboard cheat sheet with common templates and you can see just how useful it is.
So, what can you do with these boxes? I’ve looked at the contents of the Soviet Box to give you an idea of what you might like to do.
The list is as follows:

  • Regular LT with Solider friend – Weapons as modelled.
  • 11 man Veteran Squad. NCO with SMG, 3 Vets with SMG, 1 vet with LMG, 2 Vets also have captured Panzerfausts.
  • 11 man Veteran Squad. NCO with SMG, 3 Vets with SMG, 1 vet with LMG, 2 Vets also have captured Panzerfausts.
  • 1 Heavy Veteran Infantry Squad (no changes)
  • 1 11 man Free Inexperienced Squad. NCO has an SMG, one Squaddie has an LMG, the squad has the green rule and anti-tank grenades (it’s free so why not take all the options?)
  • Regular anti-tank rifle team
  • Regular anti-tank rifle team
  • Veteran Cossack Light Walker
  • Veteran T34-ZP

Totals at 999 points.
The list builds on a core of veteran troops with 2 11 man squads of Veterans, a 5 man veteran heavy infantry squad. It’s supported by 2 anti-tank rifle teams, a Cossack Light Walker and a T34-ZP. This gives you 9 order dice at 1000 points, including a tank, a light walker, and a plethora of options to deal with tough units, squads hiding in cover and other vehicles!

Your options in expanding can range from adding more heavy infantry for the slow grinding advance followed by face melting SMG damage to the rapidly moving SMG toting Siberian Terrors. This can then be padded out with Ursus Bear infantry (who doesn’t love an army of raging bears?) and the dedicated Daughters of the Motherland.Werewolvess

The main thing to take away from all this theory crafting is that each starter box can easily put out a fun 750 to 1000pt list with lots of special weapons to play with.

Adding a few blister packs to your plastic infantry (or just another plastic infantry box) can give you the spare bodies to add specialist characters (medics, artillery observers, anti-tank teams, snipers etc.) and give your army more fun options if you want them.

The best thing about the starters is that you can easily play and learn the game with them, spending nothing more until you’ve decided what play style you’d like to try and which direction you want to go in. As a “dipping your toe” into the waters option they’re a great place to start.
This article was done by isquishpeople and the original can be found here!

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