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Focus: The First Clash Of Tanks

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99 years ago, on the 24th-27th of April, the first historical clash between tanks occurred.


Second Battle of Villers-Bretonneux

99 years ago, on the 24th-27th of April, the first historical clash between tanks occurred. During the battle of Lys, a struggle for land ensued and the Germans launched an attack, that debut their first tank, the A7V. Advancing further into Allied lines, a group of 3 A7vs were then engaged by a squadron of British Mark IV’s, one male and two females. Armed with only machine guns the female Mark IV’s were unable to damage the German A7V’s and sustained damage which compromised the crew, forcing them pull back.

Alone against 3 A7V’s, the Mark IV Male stood it’s ground, armed with 6-pounder guns it took out the lead A7V. Realising the threat, and that British reinforcements and artillery would arrive soon the other two A7Vs pulled back. The British Mark IV was later then reinforced by Whippet light tanks and pressed on.

Onto the tabletop…

We wanted to commemorate the historical event as it changed the entire structure of warfare. So we’ve created two new bundles for those who want to experience history first hand!

100 Years of the Tank – MKIV Squadron

After going through numerous versions, ranging from Mark I to VIII, the British Mark IV is an upgraded, heavily armoured version of the Mark I. Due to time constraints it couldn’t have all the upgrades it was initially prepared for but still made a contribution to the European battlefields, it was armed with three machine guns and two 6-pounders for the Male and five .303 Lewis machine guns for the Female.

This bundle contains:

  • A Male Mark IV Tank
  • Two Female Mark IV Tanks

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100 Years of the Tank – A7V Platoon

Being the sole tank used by the Germans during the first World War I, it had brief fluctuating success despite it’s late appearance. It was armed with six 7.92 mm MG08 machine guns and a 5.7 cm Maxim-Nordenfelt cannon mounted at the front, which made it a threat to both the Allied troops and tanks.

This bundle contains:

  • Three A7V Tanks

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