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Focus: Major-General “Roy” Urquhart in Bolt Action

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Major-General Robert Elliott “Roy” Urquhart CB DSO

Roy Urquhart was the commander of the 1st Airborne Division during Operation Market Garden,  memorably portrayed by Sir Sean Connery in the film A Bridge Too Far.

OPERATION ‘MARKET GARDEN’ (THE BATTLE FOR ARNHEM): 17 – 25 SEPTEMBER 1944. Major-General Roy Urquhart DSO and Bar (leader of the 1st British Airborne Division during the Arnhem Operation) plants the Airborne flag outside his headquarters (Hotel Hartenstein), the last British stronghold in the Arnhem area before the evacuation.


He served in India, North Africa, Sicily and Italy before being given command of the 1st Airborne Division early in 1944. Having never commanded or operated with Airborne forces he was prone to airsickness but nevertheless fought for 9 days unsupported against the II SS Panzer Corps, finally withdrawing across the Rhine on the 25th September.

In Bolt Action he can be treated as a Veteran Major (165 points), more than capable of encouraging your troops forward into action!

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