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Focus: Algoryn Intruder Skimmer Armies

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The Algoryn are always striving to perfected their means of war and the Intruder Strike force is one of their prized tools:


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We created the Intruder Strike force with a mainly support focus but as any Antarian knows you need tactical units to field this as a legitimate army.

img_0702 The Algoryn Skimmer squad and Avenger Attack Skimmer crew push their vehicles to the limit between the narrow canyon.

How they fit into an army!

With the new Intruder Command you can now field an entire strike force, of course this will come in at around 700 points and as they’re all support options you’ll need to then add it to your 500 point scout force to be able to legally field it. For example here’s a Battle Force level army at 1246 points:

  • AI Intruder Skimmer Command Squad (Spotter) 196 Points
  • AI Intruder Skimmer Squad 106 Points
  • Al Intruder Skimmer Squad 106 Points
  • AI Avenger Attack Skimmer (Spotter, Batter drone, Mag Cannon, Hyper light booster) 182 Points
  • AI Intruder Skimmer Squad (Drone with Compact Mag Cannon, Spotter) 141 Points
  • AI Command squad (Spotter, SlingNet or Overload ammo) 119 Points
  • AI Squad 94 Points
  • AI Squad 94 Points
  • AI Squad 94 Points
  • AI Squad 94 Points
  • 4 Targeter Probes 20 Points

This list fulfils the legal points requirement for a 1250 point Battle Force level game with between 5 & 9 Tactical Choices and 2 to 6 Support Choices, the Targeter Probes take 1 of the 2 allowed Auxiliary Choices.

img_0663 The Algoryn force prepare their first wave of shooting onto their unfortunate foes.

They hit hard and fast, the Intruders will be able to go nearly anywhere on the battleground really keeping your opponent uneasy about their next move. Intruders will be harassing and taking out those pesky back-line units and be able to support any squad.

Intruder squads can also carry compactor drones enabling them to tow support weapons into advanced positions and crew them.

A nice trick up your sleeve will be the AI Intruder squad with the Compactor Drone containing the Mag Cannon. These Intruders can race up to any important objective or vantage point and set up as a support team, perfect for dominating the highpoints and covering the AI advance. The Intruder Command squad will be keeping the lines in check, making sure no squad breaks and supporting any unit under fire. The Avenger is the mobile attack platform, being able to deal with any vehicles that might be too tasking for your troops.

img_0669-done An AI Intruder Skimmer squad whiz past the Avenger attack Skimmer and AI squad to their target.

The main backbone of Armoured Infantry maintains the battlefield and holds the objectives, they are tough enough to stave off any foe long enough for support to show up. The AI Command squad form the same function as the Intruder Command squad – using their special follow rule to issue commands to those units nearby and focusing on those high priority objectives or maintaining the firing line. Last but not least, the Targeter Probes assist in helping any squad land those important shots.

How to get such an army

Start with this simple set:


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This set contains:

  • AI Intruder Skimmer Command Squad
  • 3x AI Intruder Skimmer Squads
  • AI Avenger Attack Skimmer
  • AI Mag Cannon support team

Whilst you can confer with your opponent to have a support options only game when it comes to ‘legal battles’ you’ll need to get the Algoryn Scout force and add another AI Squad.


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The list can be altered to fit more of your playing style, it is just an example for any aspiring Antarian to pick up and tinker with. However not many armies can compete with the speed of this strike force!

Keep your eye’s peeled on the Warlord Games Beyond the gates of Antares facebook page for the most up to date news and more!

Expand your Algoryn Battle Force:


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