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    This will never happen (different theater, allies, etc), but what happens when Vasily meets Kieffer?

    Vasily Zaitsev (Ostfront and Stalingrad books):

    Kill-shot: Zaitsev’s uncanny ability means that any shot he takes against infantry, artillery and soft skin vehicles will inflict damage on a roll of 2+ regardless of the target’s experience level.


    Philippe Kieffer (D-Day Overlord book)

    Determination: After landing on Sword beach Kieffer was wounded in the thigh. This did not stop him from leading his men from the front and taking the risks they took. Wounds won’t stop Kieffer from leading his men. Kieffer becomes a casualty on 6+ rather than 5+. In addition, any friendly infantry and artillery unit within Major Kieffer’s command radius benefits from the Stubborn special rule.


    As the wording goes, if Zaitsev rolls a 2 while sniping at Kieffer, Kieffer will survive.


    Zaitsevs rules win… they are a definite 2+ irrespective of anything else… he ‘wounds’ vehicles on a 2+.  Kieffers rules say that instead of a 5+ you need a 6+

    So Kieffer changes the wound chart from 5+ to 6+, then Zaitesev changes it 2+ as he doesnt care about the starting value…. OR Zaitsev changes it from a 5+ to a 2+ then Kieffer CANT change it to a 6+ as its no longer a 5+ needed to wound him.


    The Russian dude only effects experience level to wound. Kieffer flat out says it takes a 6 to wound him. Thus RAW it takes a 6+.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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