• I disagree. There is no assault on the vehicle. If the man makes contact then remove the dude and resolve the penetration. Contact with the vehicle is all that is required and generally the vehicle never knew the guy was coming to tell the guys inside to get out. If he was going to fight out an assault then sure the dismounts get to intervene but…[Read more]

  • I am using the small 2nd edition book that came with band of brothers. I know that units cannot voluntarily go off the table. So the vehicle will hit the edge of the table and then start driving backwards across the field along the table edge until it finally passes an orders test? Seems a bit weird that a unit would drive in reverse around the…[Read more]

  • In the main rule book it says a recce vehicle that fails its order test goes backwards directly at advance speed with the pivots. This came up in  a game with a greyhound with 2 pins. She couldnt pass her leadership and the vehicle kept going backwards for 4 rounds straight. Can it go off the board? Note she tried passing two rallies too and on…[Read more]

  • The Russian dude only effects experience level to wound. Kieffer flat out says it takes a 6 to wound him. Thus RAW it takes a 6+.

  • To make pathfinders, just use standard paratroopers? I dont see any special pathfinder kits. Would their colors be any different?

  • As someone who has crewed a weapons team and has seen how much damage period ones can take before being unusable(capture from ww2 ) its not that easy. Hell pretty much everyone in a US infantry platoon when I was in knew how to operate a 50cal. The driver of my 113 who was stuck in a maintenance yard was hit by OpFor and he jumped on a 50 he never…[Read more]

  • I was just curious what house rules you guys have in place at your local level. We have some we are experimenting with to try and solve some issues.

    Armored Cars in transport slots: In base BA rules these can be captured by the stupidity of having enemy models closer. We have changed it to if the model is armed and had an armor value of 7+ then…[Read more]

  • Think my wife would shoot/divorce me if I flew 3 thousand miles across the country, got a hotel room in Las Vegas, just to play a wargame I could play on the dining room table all weekend. 😛

  • Mike replied to the topic Transport Vehicles in the forum Bolt Action 4 years ago

    Obviously the way you get around this rule is to have two five man fire teams and say they are a squad and have two transports. That’s generally how it was doen when I was in mechanized infantry. One fire team in one Brad and another fire team in the other. Due to us being chronically undermanned, each platoon only had one over strength squad of…[Read more]

  • Saw an interesting history video about the Italians fighting the Japanese in China. While the Beijing  garrison despite being well equipped ended up surrendering, I always enjoyed the what ifs. Meanwhile Italian troops at the radio station fought for 24 hours and scared the Japanese army to the point that it brought overwhelming force to the…[Read more]