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    Mark Prichard

    If the spotter is on a transport or tow and there are no other units or models on the same transport/tow does he keep the transport/tow from being considered unmanned?  Can the spotter fire one of the extra weapons?


    Ok, one question is… Do you mean the Spotter, as in the artillery /mortar unit upgrade?  Or are you meaning the Forward Artillery Observer, the HQ unit?  – I mention this because I see a lot of people confusing the two game terms with real world terminology and therefore using spotter when talking about the FAO!

    If you mean the actual spotter
    1) yes they are still a (part of) unit, and take up a seat on the transport so the transport is not empty
    2) No they cant make use of a fire order so are prevented (clarified in the FAQ) for using the weapons on a transport

    If you mean the FAO
    1) yes they are a unit
    2) yes they can as they are a unit that doesnt have a rule stopping them from firing.

    Mark Prichard

    I found it in the errata they cannot fire the weapons.  I assume that because they are not a “unit” that if in a tow or a transport by themselves (in other words the unit that the spotter is spotting for has disembarked) that they do not change the transport from unmanned to manned.

    Stuart Harrison

    The errata tells you why they can’t fire the weapons – the spotter rules specifically prohibit a spotter from shooting. ‘Spotters similarly cannot fire weapons and cannot spot while
    in the transport (extending to them the rules for HQs, whichcannot use their special rules while transported)’

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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