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    The special rule for snipers (page 91) clearly say that a sniper ignores negative to-hit modifiers (listed on page 54), except for pinning markers and for the missing assistant if the sniper is the last man standing.

    The “Inexperienced” modifier and the “Fire on the move” modifier do not apply to snipers. That doesn’t seem correct. Shouldn’t these modifiers also apply to snipers?

    Inexperienced snipers can be found on page 10 of the FAQ & Errata.

    This entry represents anything from an untrained civilian out for revenge on the occupiers to a seasoned hunter that has decided to join the resistance.
    Cost: 35 pts (Inexperienced), 50 pts (Regular), 65 pts (Veteran)
    Team: 2 (sniper and assistant)
    Weapons: Sniper has a rifle and assistant has a pistol
    Special rules: – Team weapon – Sniper


    Snipers can fire in two ways… using their scope or standard

    If using the SCOPE, you can only use it on a fire order so ‘fire on the move’ doesnt occure.

    As written you would be right and the sniper scoped does ignore the inexperienced modifier, as you pointed out its not listed as an exception to the blanket rule of being ignored. To be fair for 35 points for a single rifle shot I’d be happy for the -1 for inexperienced to be missed as well… (you still have to wound after all :p)

    When using the rifle as a standard rifle then all the normal modifiers apply.

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    Stuart Harrison

    Note also that most armies don’t even have the option of an inexperienced sniper – the only one that comes to mind is the Partisan sniper added to Armies of France and the Allies via the errata.


    Thanks Nat. We almost overlooked this fact. That is, a sniper team using the “Scope” unit special rule can only fire using a Fire or Ambush order. Never on an Advance order.

    And as Stuart pointed out, the inexperienced sniper is only represented by the Partisan sniper which was later added to France and the Allies book, so basically a special (or maybe overlooked) situation.

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