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    Jacob Carter

    Brand new player here so forgive my ignorance but I’m really confused about what snipers can bring with them in terms of weaponry and have been searching for a definitive answer for a couple days now.

    The second edition rule book says that a sniper team has 1 rifle as its weaponry, that is further expanded upon in the Armies of Germany book which says a sniper is equipped with a rifle/pistol and the spotter is equipped with a pistol. So far so good!

    Where I’m getting confused is that the Armies of the United States has an additional segment saying: “Both men may substitute an smg for the pistol at +3 pts each” Is this an old rule, is it just for the US, or can it apply to all forces?


    Each ‘forces of…’ has different equipment for their sniper teams. The rule book gives the general /basic set up with the army books increasing it.

    As you said the US have pistols (& can change to SMGs) + 1 sniper rifle.

    Germans also have pistols each + 1 sniper rifle but dont have the option to take SMGs.

    Russians have 1 sniper rifle…. and thats it!

    Stuart Harrison

    As Nat says, it varies depending on what entry you are using – you have to read the weapons line of the army list entry you are using and any options listed in that particular entry.

    Jacob Carter

    Thanks for the help you two I had been wondering about that for quite a while and snipers were the next things I was going to pick up!

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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