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    Ok, so light mortars in a unit (eg Japanese Grenadiers or the French rifle grenade unit) can all target different enemy units.   In which case all those units take D2 PINs.

    Now what happens if all my mortars (3 in the case of the japanese grenadiers) target the same unit?

    Is it D2 PINs because all shooting happens at the same time so you apply the most pins a weapon causes OR is it 3D2 as there are 3 light mortars?


    I believe the target unit only takes the maximum Pims from any weapon being fired by that squad.

    much like targeting an infantry squad with a tank firing HE, they would just get the HE pins, and not an additional pin from any MMGs etc

    Greg S

    Karl is correct.  However you could roll all 3 D2s and select the highest one to apply.


    I take a different point of view. What you have here is an attempt at a” mini-barrage.” A barrage is a deliberate, multiple artillery/mortar round strike. It is orchestrated to optimize/concentrate damage at a particular point, unit, or time in the battle. For a barrage to go into effect, the target needs to be under fire observation when it receives a direct hit, so that  it is “registered.”  Then the second phase of the same fire order, “Fire for effect!” is transmitted. and multiple rounds can be fired at the registered point simultaneously by the remaining weapons in the unit. How does this translate into a BA/K47 order and outcome? 1. Unit receives a fire order; 2. The target is under fire observation.  3. A single round is fired. 4. If it scores a hit, the target is “registered.” 5. Remaining mortars are fired in unison. 6. Hits are recorded and translated into appropriate pins. 7. If enough pins are racked up the target tests for morale or it can be destroyed. 8. (Do remember to take target cover and/or armour effects under consideration when computing hits and effects).


    The crux of the question is then, do the mortars count as separte units when firing?

    Because the rules are clear, you only take PINs once per firing unit – at the highest no. available ie 2 flamerthrowers is only +3 PINS not +6





    This has never come up in any of my games so far – my japanese don’t seem to know one end of a mortar from the other!



    Stuart Harrison

    p70, Weapons, Weapon Special Rules, HE (High Explosive), Multiple Hits.  The first sentence starts “Some units or weapons are capable of firing a number of shots simultaneously…”.  The rules that follow are applicable to any unit that fires multiple HE shots in a turn – it doesn’t matter whether it’s a single weapon within that unit firing multiple HE shots or multiple weapons firing a single shot each, the same rules apply.

    The last para of that heading tells us that a unit that does multiple HE hits only does a single batch of pins (in this case D2 pins).  Nothing in it supports multiple pins just because it’s mortars in this particular unit or getting multiple lots of D2 pins and picking the best.


    To be honest my Japanese arent even made yet!


    I’m just wanting to make sure I have the rules staight in my head…. and knowing me at one point I will roll multiple hits with mortarts in one go! (they’ll then fail to do anything for the rest of the game……)


    Tim Haslam

    Yup, sorry, only one lot of pins.

    Lets be honest here, the Japanese army is a very powerful force in BA.

    it doesn’t need any more help!

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