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    Paul Nettle

    In the Operation Blue Theatre Selector, on page 84 of “Armies of Germany”, the Theatre Selector gives the options for a reinforced platoon from Army Group South in 1942.

    The list allows for long-barrelled PzIII, and short-barrelled PzIV and Stugs.  Whilst these were well represented in Army Group South at the start of “Case Blue” there were also significant numbers of long-barrelled PzIV and Stugs.  So where are these is the list?

    Different sources give different numbers of panzer types, but looking at different sources I believe the number of tanks in Army Group South at the start of Case Blue were:

    936 Panzer III

    121 Panzer IV G (actually F2 but these do not exist in the Armies of Germany Book)

    156 Panzer IV E

    422 others

    So whilst long-barrelled PzIV were under 8% of the total tanks at the start of the campaign, I think this should be enough to allow them to be included.

    And whilst Army Group South started with 293 Marder II and Marder III self-propelled anti-tank guns (armed with the 75mm Pak 40 and captured Russian 7.62mm gun respectively), they also had 185 long-barrelled Stug F, which should also be in the list.

    I realise that the Theatre Selectors aim to give a flavour of the forces used, and not allow for every option; but I think sufficient long-barrelled PzIV and Stug were in Army Group South to allow for the options to be available in the Theatre Selector.

    After all, T34s and KV1s were only 10% of Soviet armour in June 1941 – but both tanks are allowed in the Soviet June 1941 list.  And whilst the number of long-barrelled tanks was only 8% at the start of Case Blue, the proportion increased as the campaign went on.  This was partly due to PzIV F2 being the ‘standard’ version of the PzIV production tank; and increasingly PzIII being converted to Stugs.


    I’ve a suggestion around this, select a generic reinforced platoon but with only the infantry and artillery from the Operation Blue Theatre Selector. When picking the tanks and other AFVs, include vehicles such as the Stug IIIg with the long 75mm and the others that you feel are missing from the list.

    Remember that there are other new units such as Goliath Demolition Teams and Sturmpionere squads in the Ostfront book that can be used. My copy of Stalingrad collector’s set (including the theatre book) is on the way. Maybe that will have extra stuff in it too?

    Paul Nettle

    Thanks Knispel_Fan, the generic platoon is a good idea.


    Look at the new Stalingrad book…there are 8 German selectors most have the types you are talking about.

    Paul Nettle

    Nat, thanks for the ‘heads up’ I have just placed an order for it.


    I would suggest maybe the Sig33, Sig33a as well (to add a bit of variation!).  We (Glasgow Warhog) used them in our Stalingrad game (for pics see blog).

    You could maybe even throw in Sherman’s for the Russians depending on the dates…but just have fun and roll out those barrels!

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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