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    The German book has the option of a flamethrower team being repack with 2 one-shot weapons.

    Now, it would seem from the rules that when the flamethrower is use in a one-shot way, the figure might still remain on the table. But unarmed (?) in this case.

    Alternatively, I could see how the rules for depleted flamethrowers means the figure is removed as a casualty. This would then result in the other figure taking a moral check for losing half his unit.


    Nigel Heather

    This question has reminded me just how poor the rule books are.


    Firstly, no index – this is a good argument for the PDF, not only are they are lot cheaper but you can search them.  If starting over, that’s what I would do, but unfortunately I like physical books and have amassed a good collection so when it comes to buy a new one I go physical so that it matches my collection.

    Anyway I found I could not answer your question.

    The standard rules for a flamethrower team gives them indefinite fuel – they could last the whole game they might run out quickly – the luck of the die.  The rules say that when the flamethrower runs out the team are removed as if they were casualties.  But it also clarifies that if the flamethrower team is part of a squad then only the weapon guy dies, the loader stays with the squad as an infantryman, presumably with a rifle.

    But as you say there is a rule for late war light flamethrower that has one or two uses, but you are right that it doesn’t make it clear what happens to the crew when the flamethrower is expended.  Seems a bit unfair that the squad ides – I know that happens with the standard flamethrower but they could get lots of use, maybe survive the whole game.

    I wonder whether it should be played more like a Panzerfaust.

    The German book does say that it uses the ‘Use Once Weapon’ special rule but I can’t find this rule – another gripe about the books, they should make the special rules easier to find.


    It’s the One-Shot Weapon rule, pg 72 of the main rule book.  As I read it, it works like a Panzerfaust: once expended the soldier then uses his other weapons (if any).

    Stuart Harrison

    From the FAQ:

    “The Einstossflammenwerfer entry on page 35 states that these are
    one-shot weapons. So we have two questions about the interaction of
    the one-shot weapon and the flamethrower rule:
    1) Can you confirm if single-shot flamethrower models are removed
    once they have shot?
    2) If the answer to the above is ‘yes’, and I choose not to shoot both
    flamethrowers in the same turn, what happens then? If only one
    shoots and is removed, does the surviving model have to test morale
    because half the unit was destroyed?
    If only one FT is fired, the one-shot weapon rule tells us to
    replace the model with an unarmed model. When the second FT
    fires (or if both fire in the same turn), the team has no more FTs,
    so the FT rule tells us the whole team is removed. “


    Thanks Stuart. Replacing them with unarmed seems a bit silly. No pistols for you!


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