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    Perhaps I need to get my glasses fixed. Cannot see anywhere what scale these figures are in.  To me it looks like 10/12mm. Any ideas?

    Big Al

    The announce states that they are 15mm and in brackets 13.5mm foot to eye.

    Charge The Guns

    As Big Al says, they are officially 13.5 mm. I have see some comparisons online which show them matching with Kallistra 12mm figs.

    I don’t think they are intended to ‘mix’. I think they are intended to be their own size.  Once you get below the 15mm size I find mixing figures between ranges very tricky and rarely bother trying.

    invisible officer

    Another example of the “strange scales” politics of Warlord.   Like with the ships old gamers (like me)  have allready “some” armies. In ACW I have large 1/300 forces and also some regiments in 28mm.  My need for 13,5 mm is ………..

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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