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    If a unit fires say 3 panzerfausts and hits a target with all three, does the target still only get 1 set of Pins? I think they get 3 lots as we are dealing with a one-shot weapon but I am not sure…

    Likewise, when a tank fires its HE main gun and a MMG, does the target  suffer multiple Pin effects? And do I have to declare the two attacks at once or can we wait for the effect of the first?


    Its 1 pin because its still only a single unit firing…. which is why for Japanese Grenadier squads its best for them to pick a separte target per light mortar otherwise its D2 pins but roll 3 dice and pick the highest.

    Same with a Tank its still gives 1 Pin no matter how many weapons it fires, however the HE (& flamethrower) rules says replace the 1 pin given by a unit firing with Dx pins instead
    You delceare all shooting before rolling any dice.





    Greg S

    With Panzerfausts you will only get one pin for hitting, but each one that causes damage will add the extra pins from damage.

    If all three hit and penetrated and you rolled an unlucky 1,1,1 for damage results, that’s still 4 pins.


Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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