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    I’ve seen several places where this question has been asked, all with different answers, so I suspect 1st Ed might have been different….


    (1) Is there any differentiation between moving a heavy artillery vs a light artillery? I cannot find one in the rules.

    (2) Can you issue an order for a Flak 88 or a Heavy howitzer to move itself? (muscle power) seems odd if “yes”.

    (3) Does all artillery need to be towed onto the board or can it rolled on?

    (4) Does artillery starting on board need to buy a tow? I think not unless scenario/theatre selectors says otherwise.


    Thanks in advance!






    1) – yes pg 95, run orders section
    2) as a super heavy AT gun, no it can only pivot (pg 95, run orders)
    3) heavy artillery needs a TOW, light /medium guns with more than 1 crew can be ‘man handeled’
    4)only if you want it to move anywhere….

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    invisible officer

    Nat is right following the rules.


    But there is no reason to get the game close to real world among gentle   men.  For example the 88 was sometimes moved for short distances without motor. So in 1940 against French bunkers. With a few rounds on the Sonderanhänger. Slow, hard work. Under fire…….

    On other side manhandling a medium gun, hmmm.  The weight of the tail alone, even just fix it to transport was XXX.  And with all the stuff you need, amo for example 😉


    Well, its a game.


Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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