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    Fred Brannan

    When a squad loses its leader they suffer a minus one to their morale. Easy enough, they take a penalty to morale/orders tests. However, if a regular squad loses its leader does it now shoot as inexperienced with attendant -1 penalty to their shooting?

    Master Chief

    As I understand it the loss of the NCO does not mean the squad becomes inexperienced. For example a veteran squad losing its NCO would take morale checks at 9 instead of 10. It just decreases the morale by 1. It should not affect the squad’s shooting.


    When you choose a unit at the start of the game, you also choose the experience level, and based on the experience level the initial morale level is determined. But morale and experience are two different things and morale during the game varies without affecting the experience.

    Stuart Harrison

    Master Chief is correct.  A penalty to morale does not equal a reduction in experience level – it doesn’t matter whether that penalty is loss of the NCO, a pin, or any other penalty, the unit is still the same experience level it would be without the penalty.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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