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    Under the rules for Indirect Fire (Rulebook, pp.71-2) it states that “(…) if a Hit is scored in any turn, the shooter is zeroed in on the target and the as long as it doesn’t move, all further shots hit on a 2+ (…)”.

    Does this rule ignore any Pins on the unit firing indirectly?

    It seems strange to assume that if the crew has to keep its heads down, it can fire without any negative effects.



    michael kelley

    The unit would still need to make an order test before firing until all pins are removed.  The roll to hit would be 6 then 5 as normal indirect zeroing in. if you have a spotter  and you are firing from what they see and they have pins then an order test is needed or if you are firing from what the mortar can see and they don’t have pins but the spotter does, then you don’t need to pass an order test.

    Jacob Carter

    Think of it this way, the pins reduce the amount of time a soldier wants to expose themselves to aim their weapon, less time aiming means less accurate fire.

    However with an indirect weapon you’re aiming the weapon from cover and adjusting based on where the shells are hitting, and the instant you hit indirectly you don’t have to adjust the weapon anymore.  All you have to do at that point is have the courage to drop a shell in the tube.


    And if:
    – spotter has no pins
    – mortar has pins
    Mortar shoots on the spotter’s indication, so the spotter does not need an order test and I put the “fire” die close to the observer, but should the mortar perform an order test to shoot?


    If the mortar is firing then its the mortar that is receiving the order and so needs to test, and will receive the order die next to them.  The spotter just provides LoS to the target (and due to not having an order die next to him can claim DOWN if targeted)

    You can think of it as spotter & mortar are 2 separte units that share Line of sight and an order die with each other….


    So the spotter is only for drawing LOS.
    Only the pins on the mortar count for the order test.
    Pinning the observer is useless. The pins on the observer only count if you want to order the observer to move.

    Reading in italian traslation is not clear. Now I read again in original english version and I understand like Nat wrote.

    However as usual the manual is poorly written. Too discursive, it should be more concise, schematic, clear.

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