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    invisible officer

    Well, the “history” itself was not constant. UV light changed the color fast in the times before modern materials.

    And makers often used materials from different sources. Not to forget that there are many small official changes.

    Hungary was short of some basic materials. In both World Wars. So a lot of replacement stuff was used. Cap peaks made from cardboard instead of leather are just one.

    So don’t worry to find the perfect “historical” shade. If you’re satisfied it is perfect.

    (I do not collect original Hungarian WW II items but have many Austro-Hungarian ones from WW I Not two have the same shade.)

    Don Jardine

    Nat is correct about colours fading to grey. I had a similar experience with my DPM after several years in the late 70s.
    A lot of current advanced camouflage uniforms look grey when seen from a distance.
    An interesting topic as I am currently looking at Hungary as my WW2 army.


    in the end here is the result I got:

    Paul Nettle

    They look excellent. Very much like British uniforms, which is how I painted mine.

Viewing 4 posts - 16 through 19 (of 19 total)
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