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    <p style=”text-align: right;”>So I have been playing a few games and a rule doesn’t make sense in how it works. For You Men, Snap to Attention if your officer is in a transport like a half track and there is a squad inside the transport as well why can’t I issue a Order to them. They are sitting next to each other. Do officers not know how to give orders when they are in a transport? I feel like this is a oversight.</p>


    Yes its been raised before, does seem odd.



    The answer is simplicity & the fact that the other rules that affect troops in transports (moral & tiger fear) have been updated since BA was first released….. (tiger fear in the last couple of years)

    Basically now its passive rules apply to units inside transports but active rules dont.  (ok this falls down on medic saves – but I’d be happy for you to apply medic saves to units in a transport if the medics in there with them).

    It also comes from that the models are present on the table so how to measure from /to them.  Plus snap to on troops in a transport can be VERY powerful – eg transport comes on via flank / runs up a road… your next order is your officer who snaps to a flamethrower team & a 6 man SMG squad  – thats two of your units either destroyed or very badly damaged / pinned with only a single chance to do something about it.

    A number of rules have been altered / binned / added to the game for play balance… such as flamethrowers not having assault, transports losing their transport capacity filling the armoured car or tank (DV dependant) slot in the platoon.

    Stuart Harrison

    Game balance.

    They tried it with allowing snap to action the same as morale bonus while drafting second edition. It proved too powerful and was re-written as we now have it.

    This was revealed when one of the play testers wrote an article using snap to it that way early in second edition, was corrected by the community as to the rule, and responded saying where he got the tactic from.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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