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    Paul Nettle

    In Sealion the cost is given for a Leichtes Sturmboot.

    So how much would a Flossacke cost?  I assume 5 points for a Kleiner Flossacke (Transport up to 6 men) and 10 points for a Grosse Flossacke (Transport up to 10 men).

    Damage Value presumably 6+ (soft skin).

    Both should be man portable on land (plenty of evidence of soldiers running whist carrying inflated boats) (but the boat obviously has no transport ability whist being carried).  Movement on water? I suggest a move of 3″ on water (advance) or 6″ (run).  Embarking or landing troops is as per tranport rules but must be an Advance.

    Any better suggestions?


    well empire in flames (and other campaign books) have this as a generic boat: (stalingrad book has the schlauchboot 3m (inflatable one) as the same except a capacity of only 12)

    Waterborne (deep & shallow water only, move has half track), Slow & Open-topped.


    • Assault boat/ life-boat/ improvised rafts etc

    Cost: 16 (inexperienced) 20 (regular) 24 (vet)

    Damage: 3+

    Transport: 16 men

    Option: remove May not Run for +10 points

    Rules: May not Run – cant be given a run order

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    Paul Nettle

    Thank you for the swift response.  I have both those books but missed the boats in them.

    Schlauchboot is a general term covering a lot of light craft, so I guess the 3M one is the Kleiner Flossacke and the 5.5M one the Grosse Flossacke.  I would love to see 12 men trying to get into a Kleiner Flossacke!  Six seems a crowd.

    They still seem expensive compared to a motorised Leichtes Sturmboot though – but as the Leichtes Sturmboot only carries 6 men I guess it is a trade-off.  Also, a Kleiner Flossacke is easier to transport – most seem to be carried as normal luggage on field cars!  (Uninflated, of course).  This is important on a map based campaign with rivers, which is what I am playing.

    Thanks once again.


    dont forget the DV… I think the little boat has a 4+ instead of the normal boats 3+

    Paul Nettle

    Thanks Nat – both have DV 3+.

    But having seen the pictures of the boats I think the rules are wrong.  In my campaign the boats will be:

    Schlaughboot 3M – max of 6 men so make it much cheaper.

    Schluchboot 5.5m – 12 men plus 1 MMG, or 8 men plus 1 Light AT Gun – no way did the AT gun crew take up all the boat.

    Plus the Soviet A3 inflatable boat with 12 men max at the rate of the original Schlaughboot 3m.

    Cheers all.


    invisible officer

    Vorschrift  D 513/1  gives some contemporary Detail

    Großer Floßsack 34:
    5,50 m lang
    1,85 m breit und
    150 kg schwer.
    8 – 12 Mann   depending on equipment taken with them.

    Kleiner Floßsack 34:
    3,00 m lang,
    1,15 m breit und
    55 kg schwer.
    3 – 4 Mann



    Floßsack was the Germa military name for a vessel like a Schlauchboot. But not just air in the compartments, instead stuffed with swimmable stuff.  So punctures are not make it sinking so fast .

    Pi Kompanie had 38 kleine and 36 große Floßsäcke  The small was intended as work boat or for a recce action, the big as transport.

    Paul Nettle

    Thank you, Invisible Officer, for this very useful information.  As I said before, trying to get 12 men into the Kleiner Floßsack would be fun to see.  I have purchase some Großer Floßsack in 1:56 scale to make a pontoon bridge, and also bought some smaller wooden boats in 1:56 to do the same for my Romanians.

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