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    Richard Coates

    Cruel Seas Errata (version 1) is now available on the website.


    Awesome, thank you!

    Marcus bennett

    Will you be producing a QRF/Play sheet including the errata to download and print off?


    Shouldn’t that be: ‘…with the errors removed..’?

    Zloy Krolik

    Thank you for the errata. I have a question about the Mine Table.

    Shouldn’t the modifiers for Veteran & Inexperienced crews be reversed?

    Or change the modifiers to effect the To Hit number?

    Richard Coates

    We’ve made a slight change to the errata (calling it Errata V1.1) where the torpedo in the diagram from P.12 was shown heading towards the boat rather than away from it. While the arc shown was still correct, it could be a bit confusing to see the torpedo a ship had fired heading back towards it rather than away.

    The link to the article remains the same.

    Bill McGill

    Thanks for the update but I’m still confused whether any Medium vessels can ever be hit by torpedoes or not. The text box on page 13 now says no unequivocally but there is still the -1 modifier for torpedoes to hit.

    If Medium vessels can never be hit then the only sizes that can be hit (Large and Huge) both have a + modifier to hit, which seems unnecessary (as you could raise the base factor & only have a modifier for Huge ships).

    Richard Coates

    Medium vessels cannot be hit by torpedoes, as the text says. Elsewhere, the rulebook optionally allows players to play that medium vessels to be hit by torpedoes. In this case, the modifier is as shown in the table. But under the standard rules you can ignore the Medium modifier in the table.


    So within 3 weeks of receiving my not inexpensive hard cover copy of the rules, I now have to ruin them by sticking in 10 pages of errata, thanks a lot that makes it worth every penny.

    Jonathan Smith

    Surely They should at least relook at the book, redo the errors, reprint it anew, and then offer free swaps. It is ridiculous for any company to release a book with so many errors, even the MTB picture captions have errors as by the looks of it the person typing did not have a standard keyboard.


    The errors are only half the problem, there are rules that are frankly silly
    – searchlights that can’t be seen by others
    – the best tactic when under torpedo attack is to stop (so you can turn your ship to comb any incoming torpedo.) How you turn a ship that is stationary is not really explained
    -and the best way to ensure a torpedo hits is to launch then surrender (as the torpedo becomes “orphaned” and moves first, preventing the target evading)
    – it’s harder to hit a huge target like a tanker going 12 knots than an eboat going 14 knots because the eboat is moving at it’s slowest speed when the tanker is flat out.
    – slow Huge ships will turn inside a faster small ship because physics doesn’t happen.
    – Beaufighters can only carry torpedoes and therefore cant attack eboats, but a Veteran Pilot can attack and hit 2 different ships with the same torpedo (!)

    Then the rules that are missing, for instance – How do you reload torpedoes?

    Then points – how do you decide how many hull points a ship has? Why does speed not factor into points at all?

    It really is a dogs breakfast, which is such a shame because this could and should all have been fixed by simple proofreading and a bit of playtesting.

    Far from Warlord Games finest hour. I’m glad I didn’t buy one of the hardback “delux” sets. I’d be fuming


    Perhaps someone from Warlord would care to explain!

    Zloy Krolik

    >Far from Warlord Games finest hour. I’m glad I didn’t buy one of the hardback “delux” sets. I’d be fuming

    At least you got an autograph with that.

    Henk Vervaeke

    It’s very sad but it is what it is. Would also expect a reprint because the present rulebook will become a mess. To make that mess a little less messy it is perhaps a good idea to have your errata without the yellow highlights and in a format which allows one to paste it properly in the rulebook. I’ve printed the fist errata page @ 100% and it doesn’t seem to fit 100% over the existing text. Am I doing something wrong?

    Big Al

    Sorry, Renko, but I have to correct you on some of your “silly” rules observations.
    It is not easier to hit an Eboat at 14 knots than a huge ship at 12. The rule, as written in the book (not the errata) is that you suffer a -2 to hit if the target vessel is going at over 24cm. There is a +1 to hit if the vessel is moving at slow speed and +2 to hit if it is stationary.

    With regard to Beaufighters, there is nothing to stop you arming it with bombs. The listed aircraft carries one torpedo, true, but as there is a points system and torpedoes are listed as 10 points each, you can just deduct that and add bombs.
    I do note that bombs are not listed with a points cost, but that would not take much to work out. Alternatively, just replace the torpedo with a bomb or two bombs.
    The thing I find odd about aircraft is their inability to strafe.

    Yes, the best way to make a torpedo hit maybe to surrender. That would lose you the game, though which would be totally pointless! You would lose all your boats knowing that while your torpedoes may hit, they could prove dud and not explode. Game over and you lose because your boats have surrendered!

    The rules do not say that others cannot see the searchlight. It says nothing about it at all. It only states that the searchlight operator can only be responded to in the turn that the light is used. Admittedly, it doesn’t say that others can see it, either. I would suggest that the +1 to hit modifier be applied to any enemy vessel that decides to target the operator. At least if the enemy vessel is in the same quarter or side as the targeted vessel.

    The reloading of torpedoes is taken care of by crew quality and the appropriate skill check. The crew quality allows the number of torpedoes that can be fired and the skill check for duds all reflect the reload ability.

    So, while you are pulling them up for inaccuracies, it helps to be accurate yourself or you lose credibility. We all make mistakes, and I agree that there shouldn’t be as many as there appear to be in this ruleset.

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