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    Bill McGill

    The second printing occurred because the first print run sold out. So any copies in stock should be second printing.


    Richard Coates
    Warlord HQ

    Just to confirm what Bill has said, while we obviously can’t speak for other sales outlets, there are no more first printing rulebooks at Warlord Games. They sold out and therefore all the books we have available are the second printing that includes the errata.



    good to know now, thank you all



    Updated my rules with the latest errata and a few more questions came up.

    1. The US LCI(L) is now 65 points. How much is the vessel with an inexperienced crew? Is it 65? How much is the vessel with a veteran crew? Is it 140?
    I ask because the initial points costs on the card are seriously out of line.

    2. USN Sub Chaser is listed as 115 (170). The optional rockets add +60 points. Shouldn’t the cost be 115 (175)?

    3. US LCM 3 landing craft is listed as Small. Shouldn’t it be Tiny? The fleet box they came in had tiny wake markers and none of the other vessels use them. They are also dramatically smaller than the Small PT boats.

    4. All US PT boats (Higgins and Elco) have 4 MGs listed on their cards.

    A. Shouldn’t the Higgins have 4 (the 2 listed in the stat line plus the 2 free ones)?

    B. And shouldn’t the Elco have just 2 MGs? (Just the 2 free ones).




    If I have the rulebook with the image of the RN Officer in the bottom right hand side of the cover, I understand that this includes the original errata.

    Are there elements of the January errata not incorporated into this book?

    Also, as I have a US Fleet box coming I would be grateful to know the answers to the questions posed by the previous correspondent.


Viewing 5 posts - 31 through 35 (of 35 total)

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