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    Jacob Carter

    So I was expanding on my US Airborne and German Panzergrenadier armies and decided to get experimental with how I put a couple together. The German wasn’t fairly complicated but I plan on painting the mg like it’s overheating as if he had to stop firing to let it cool a bit, the airborne guy nearly cost me a finger though lol!

    Do you guys have any creative models you’re particularly proud of? Love to see the ideas more experienced modelers have had!


    That is the wonderful aspect of the plastic figure sets. There is the option to easily modify and change the figure to get something different. Sometimes you can even combine bits from different box sets.

    The German wasn’t fairly complicated but I plan on painting the mg like it’s overheating as if he had to stop firing to let it cool a bit

    With the MG34 and MG42, this wasn’t much of a problem because of their quick barrel design. An overheated MG34 or MG42 could swap out the barrel in seconds, and not only was this a good design, but also a major advantage in combat.

    Running out of readily ammo would be more of a likely reason to drop the MG and got to a rifle. Maybe you can litter the base with spent casings and an empty ammo can or two.

    Jacob Carter

    I know the MG-42 would likely have had its barrel changed, but I think the look of a bright red barrel would be quite striking on the tabletop. And I believe there are stories where extra barrels weren’t readily available (Beast of Omaha) and the gunner had to temporarily abandon the gun to let it cool! I do like the scattered cartridges and ammo cans idea, I’ll see what I can fit on the base! What do you typically use for used cartridges?

    Alan Hamilton

    Always nice to see conversions. I mix and match between various sets and also make or repurpose figures that I need for scenarios.

    I needed a panzerschreck so made one.


    Simple headgear adjustments produced a Highland command group of Major, CSM, Piper and Padre

    invisible officer

    Well, creative models are ever good.  Making them more “Yours”



    But with the MG I’m with Kar 98K. Or better said, against a K98. 😉  The better option would be a pistol, the German MG gunner’s secondary weapon.


    For cases I use to cut pieces of brass wire. Easy to cut and allready the perfect color.

    Jim Ripley

    I love to see what others have done to kit bash the plastic troop sprues to get unique figures that no one else has .  Here’s a few I’ve done , I’ll try to keep it Warlord figures only , so no Tamiya or Rubicon bits used

    1.Tthis uses the Blitzkrieg sprue , cutting the molded on hand/arm from the ammo box and using the MG42 with the separate receiver plate , giving you a gunner inserting a belt into his gun . A second ammo box was cut apart to use as a empty one

    2. I used the Bazooka from the US weapons sprue to make a Panzerschreck , by adding a plastic shield and a wire ( paperclip ) shoulder stock , It took a while to find arms that would work , IRC one is from the Russian sprue

    3.a/b  I used the MG arm from the plastic 251 kit , and a lot of cutting and swearing to get the machine gunner’s left arm to fit right , the assistant gunner has the hand with the bipod from the Blitzkrieg sprue .

    Jim Ripley

    I was a little disappointed when plastic seated passenger sprue was released because the were a row of 5 figures jointed together , and I wanted single figures to ride in my vehicles , so I did a little surgery …

    4. The first guy is the upper body of a Para with the short boot legs , the other 2 guys have had one or both arms carved away and replaced with spares from the parts box .  Its just a matter of adding weapons and minimal personal gear as they won’t fit in the 251 with it

    5. I used the legs with the long boots as Russians , again adding heads , weapons and gear . I also trimmed a bit out of their legs so they would sit more naturally in their M3  halftrack

    6. These guys started out as Perry Bros Civil War Cav . I cut the legs of my Russian troops and added the legs from the Cav troopers , the bugle arm is from the Japanese sprue . Both the Russian and German troops are easy to do leg swaps on as you don’t have to worry getting the crotch looking right  , all that is hidden by the skirt of the tunic , Yanks and Brits on the other hand are not fun to make anatomically correct

    So , lets see what you guys have been up to.

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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