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    HellRaiser 7

    I’m building a Bulgarian Army as I’m also building a Partisan Army so definitely some good gaming possibilities there. Trying to figure out the Bulgarian Generic Reinforced Platoon as I may use it for a tournament army just cause it’s not a common Army and I like to do use less popular. On the Bulgarian Generic Reinforced list in the Italy and Allies book, it doesn’t list a couple units that are on the new Warlord Army list builder. Like Flame Throwers and a Non-Combatant Squad. Where are these located? I have all the campaign and Army books and I can’t find where these units are added. Any help would be appreciated.

    Stuart Harrison

    Non Combatant Squad – Campaign Battle of the Bulge, p24, New Units, All Nations.

    The Bulgarians don’t have a flame thrower in their army list, so shouldn’t have it available to them in their generic reinforced platoon. That would be an error in the app (unless it’s being offered as an option for Axis Allies special rule?).

    HellRaiser 7

    Thank you. You can get a flamethrower team under the Axis support role. You can get any German unit as long as it isn’t a veteran. I know you can get a flamethrower team. I thought I saw it listed on the Warlord List builder as part of the normal reinforced listing. I’ve never seen non-combatants listed before couldn’t find which book had it.

    Paul Nettle

    The Italy and Allies book is poorly researched and written.  The Romanians also have no flamethrower in their list despite flamethrowers being widely used (6 per Assault Engineer company).  The Romanians also have no Assault Engineers in the Italy and Allies book!  The book also contains no Romanian armoured cars (which they had).  On the bright side, in Italy and Allies book the Romanians can use Panzerfausts and take a Panther tank in 1941.  (I said the book was badly written).

    If the Bulgarians had equipment that is not in the book then I suggest you use it with your opponent’s permission.

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    The issue(s) is simple

    Warlord write rulebooks as framework not rulesets….they are the starting point for you and your club /gaming circle to start with – they are NOT written for pickup gaming between complete strangers :/  (yes a number of the authors have the mindset of once you’ve brought the book its your game change a you want)
    The Bolt Action supplements are written to be independant of each other…. which means the guys writting the app are going to have a <bleep> of a time writting a generic list builder that doesnt have issues…

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