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    Al just to re-check on the march columns being able to evade just as printed in the rule book say as a charge reaction what if it’s cavalry or horse artillery who are allied this what formation do they assume?

    Big Al

    Right. The key words in regard to units in March Column is “if it otherwise can”. This means that not every unit that is in March Column can evade. The list of units that can evade is on page 65. So, a line infantry unit in March Column cannot evade.
    Cavalry must be of one of the types listed on page 65 and being charged by one of the opponent types listed there, too. So a cavalry unit (or horse artillery) in March Column that is charged by infantry, can try to evade. You roll to see how many moves the unit will make. The unit is guaranteed to change formation to Open Order. Any more than that depends on the roll result. If said cavalry is skirmishing cavalry (that just happen to be in March Column at this time) and are charged by non skirmishing cavalry, then they can do the same.

    As you can see, there are specific conditions that affect different unit types. Horse artillery annot evade a charge by cavalry, regardless of whether they are in March Column or not. Nor can any unit of cavalry that is not specifically skirmishing cavalry, nor infantry that is not specifically Skirmish infantry.

    Hope that helps.


    Grazie Mile Al 😂


    OK, so BP2 will be in stores Saturday, does that include U.S. stores, I ask because I preordered and Saturday is 26 hours away, it will be most disheartening to see the tome on the rack knowing I paid an extra 25% for shipping just to receive it after the release date

    Despite a slight possibility of it being autographed, it’s the kind of thing that could wipe a grin off a guys face

    Charge The Guns

    Got my copy yesterday (UK). Very nice indeed. Index much appreciated. Will still take some time to get used to where the different bits and bobs are in the new version. (My biggest problem still is swapping between P&S and BP and the different distances for support/initiative/etc. :o) .)

    Also yesterday, played one of the scenarios in BP2 (Clifton Moor) which was very enjoyable, and it turned out as a Jacobite victory.

    Spent an enjoyable evening going through the lovely new figure art, with a suitable ‘wee dram’. One happy bunny.


    In P.49 of the rulebook (Morale Saves), the table mention +1 dice roll modifier per 12″ distance from commander to unit. But this modifier is not mentioned in the QRS (p.196). And what is happenning (for morale save modifier) if a commander is eliminated ?

    In the QRS (P.196) the tactical modifier for Enfliliading is “Shoot double dice”. It should be “Re-roll all shots that miss” no ?


    Charge The Guns

    Hi Bert, the p49 thing has been reported already – it is a typo. They have put in the Command modifiers to the Morale save table so it is ‘screwed’. Use the QRS on p196 for Morale saves.

    As to enfilading, then p53 is correct (re-roll misses) and p196 is wrong. I like this change. May start using this. Also note that march columns count as enfiladed when fired on from the front / rear quarters. I’m going to have to give the rules a proper read.

    Another 10 lashes for the proof reader Mr. Stallard!

    Note that WI have got a nice ‘flip through’ of BP2 on YouTube:


    I thought the page 49 ‘Moral Dice Modifier’ was a bit odd. Glad you clarified it.
    Three of us played the right hand part of the Antietam scenario last night. It worked out well, with the Rebs holding ground. Was close though.

    Charge The Guns

    For those who listen to podcasts: Great interview with Rick on the Warlord Games ‘official’ podcast. Rick talks about a lot of hobby related stuff (e.g. who’s got the biggest!), and gives a run through of changes in BP2.

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