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    <p style=”text-align: right;”>I have a question. How is it resolved or what happens, in the event that when I declare a target with a weapon that has, for example, a factor of Pen +5 and that also has HE 1″, but that at the moment of shoot I do not indicate what type of ammunition I am using (pen+5 or HE 1″)</p>

    Arty Gun

    I recommend you roll a D6. HE on 1 – 3, AP on 4 – 6.

    This is good for all these types of issues.

    Stuart Harrison

    There are a number of ways you can play it, and whether they’re considered ‘fair’ will depend on you and the person across the table, so best discussed with them at the time.

    A few options are:

    Re-do the whole shot by NOW declaring the type of shot and roll to hit again.

    Randomise the type of shot, as suggested by Arty Gun.

    Allow the declaration after the hit – I wouldn’t have a problem with this for AP/HE as it’s the same ‘to hit’ and the considerations for deciding don’t change after a hit has been scored one way or the other. I would have a problem with it if the declaration was direct/indirect fire and the ‘to hit’ is a hit one way and a miss the other, and results in being ‘zeroed in’.


    In a lot of cases it doesn’t really matter, but for those few cases when it does matter, and the player forgets to announce AP or HE, then we either just back up and redo it or just go with the best choice since we play a friendly game. But our club rules is that officially we would backup to that point where the mistake was made and start over from there. So if a player forgot to announce, we would go back to that point and make the announcement, and then roll the dice again. I guess if it where a “miss”, it wouldn’t matter anyway, but our club rule is for all games and not just Bolt Action.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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