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    Good Nigth..

    The “green” rule that allows a check to raise the morale of the inexperienced squad when it suffers the first casualty, but if an inexperienced Soviet unit with said rule benefits from the commissar rule, (NOR ONE STEP BACK) and this when killing one of your soldiers, the question is: That unit is considered to have suffered a…[Read more]

  • <p style=”text-align: right;”>I have a question. How is it resolved or what happens, in the event that when I declare a target with a weapon that has, for example, a factor of Pen +5 and that also has HE 1″, but that at the moment of shoot I do not indicate what type of ammunition I am using (pen+5 or HE 1″)</p>

  • Thanks Stuart!!!

  • I have a question: Weapons that have penetration, when fired at infantry, how does their penetration value affect?

    I mean: If the infantry is a regular unit I have to roll a 4+, but the weapon I’m shooting at it with has a penetration value of 2+, how does it affect it?

    Instead of having to roll 4+ should I roll 2+?

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