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Community: The Great Bolt Action Paint Off Winners Announced!

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The Great Bolt Action Paint Off has come to a close – and there have been some really spectacular projects on show.

bolt action paint offFirst and foremost, we (along with the organisers, Steve and Nick,) would like to say a huge ‘Thank you’ to everyone who took part!

There were two prizes on offer – the first prize was for a random entrant. All of the entrant’s names were put into a hat, and one was drawn at random. We’re pleased to announce that the winner of this prize is YouTube user ‘Unkhter‘ – whose Wintery diorama showing a squad of Partisans readying themselves to attack a Tiger is superb!

Unkhter (1)Unkhter (2)

For the grand prize-winner, we sent through photographs of the entrants to the Warlord Games Design Studio, and asked for our team of sculptors, painters, and Head of the Design Studio, Paul Sawyer to pick their favourite!

…and without further ado, it’s a huge ‘Congratulations!’ to Charlie Brebner!

Charlie’s diorama featuring the Panther Ausf G with Sperber Infra Red sights is a superb piece – but I’ll hand you over to Paul Sawyer for his comments…

Brebner Panther 2

Paul: Charlie’s Panther tank diorama really stands out – I’d certainly like to get a bunch more images of this piece in high resolution for use in future books…

Brebner Panther 4

From the red oxide straight-from-the-factory hull to the unpainted gun barrel this piece really captures the last desperate days of the forces of the Third Reich as they rushed every last vehicle out of the factories and straight into action. This desperation is equally embodied by the young boy of the Hitler Youth levelling his panzerfaust at the Soviet foe.

Brebner Panther 3

In terms of the painting, this diorama is a realistic mix of muted, understated tones and crisply applied paint. Aside from the subtle, yet very detailed city basing, the attention to detail on the tank itself is remarkable. The battle damage and general wear and tear on the Panther tank are excellently realised. What makes this entry stand out from the other, superb finalists, is the overall composition and story told by the diorama with every element playing an important part in the overall scene.

Brebner Panther So it’s a huge ‘Congratulations’ to ‘Unkhter’ and to Charlie! – Your prizes will be arriving with you shortly!

Keep watching the Warlord Newsletter for more community projects – there will be more Painting Contests, and spotlights on Warlord-related blogs, podcasts and YouTube channels in the future!

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