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Community: The Great Bolt Action Paint Off!

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The Bolt Action community has been ablaze with chatter and excitement this past week or so, with news of ‘The Great Bolt Action Paint Off’ – we spoke with organiser Steve Oakes to get the low-down…

bolt action paint off

‘The Great Bolt Action Paint Off’ started out as a little idea that myself and Nick came up with to get me back into the hobby and to make a start on my Waffen-SS army I’ve had for a few months. Then we thought why not open it up to the community and give everyone the opportunity to get involved and just maybe get other people back into the hobby, so we did! We have had a huge amount of interest in this project from both Facebook and YouTube, so much so that our Facebook page hit its first 100 likes in 9 hours!

If you are interested in taking part of the ‘The Great Bolt Action Paint Off’ the entry requirements are very simple, the model(s) that you are using must be from the Bolt Action range – you can have anything from one single model/vehicle to a whole army. Now with thanks to Warlord games and Painting Buddha we are able to offer prizes – we have two categories:

For the best painted entry…

..the winner will receive a Bolt Action Rulebook signed by Rick Priestley and Alessio Cavatore – as well as a 1,000pt Bolt Action Starter Army boxed set of their choice (United States Army, Blitzkrieg German, British Army, German Heer, Banzai! Japanese, Soviet Army)

…and one random lucky winner…

..simply by taking part, you have the chance of winning a copy of the ‘D-Day Firefight’ Bolt Action Starter Set! 

Once again I would like to thank Warlord Games for sponsoring this community event, and if you guys would like to see something like this later on in the year for Black Powder or another game system from Warlord Games then let us know 🙂

If you’re interested in getting involved, or you have any questions – email through to us at

See you on the other side!

Steve & Nick


Rules and Regulations

This event is running from the 1st March 2015 till the 30th April 2015, if you are interested in entering the ‘Best Painted Entry’ then you can enter that with a separate video/pictures from the 20th April 2015, until the deadline. And winners will be announced on Monday – 18th May 2015.

People that are taking part will be attached to the pinned post on the Facebook and we will share all the videos we come across on our Facebook page along with any pictures – please feel free to post to the page and share your progress!

I will also add any videos to the “Bolt Action Paint Off” playlist on my YouTube channel.

General Entry Rules

1. Let us know via Personal message on our Facebook page or YouTube

2. Must be a Bolt Action model from Warlord Games

3. You can have anything from one figure to a whole army or even a vehicle

4. You can enter via YouTube or Facebook, if you are doing YouTube videos then somewhere in your video title there needs to be “Bolt Action Paint Off”

5. Most of all have FUN!


‘Best Painted Entry’ Rules

1. Same as above with the ‘General Entry Rules’

2. Your entry must be entirely from Bolt Action range

3. You can have your piece as a diorama or as a normal model

4. In your showcase video/pictures, the title needs to be “Bolt Action Paint Off – Showcase Entry” just so I know who has entered and I can easily spot it