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Warning: Dastardly Pets!

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+++++ Breaking news from Warlord HQ! +++++

We’ve received a number of panicked reports of a terrifying spate of attacks. It seems that there has been a wave of opportunistic assaults of the animal form. No, not Soviet Bomb Dogs – your pets have proved a worthy foe for your cherished models!

Michał Nowicki reports that dog Maks savaged no less than his M26 Pershing turret, rendering it useless on the battlefield. Naughty pooch – a spell in the Brig should teach you a lesson…

Dog Maks A target of multiple attacks, Michal went on to tell us about another ferocious predator – his rabbit, Zenek. Known to attack his models with impunity, what looks like an endearing and harmless pet is actually the harbinger of miniatures doom in furry form…

Rabbit Zenek Andrew Dunn contacted us in a state of panic upon discovering that his beloved Pegasus Bridge had fallen victim to his Cocker Spaniel. luckily however, he’d managed to take a snap of the guilty culprit. Don’t be fooled by the Union Flag cushion – this monster if firmly on the side of the Boche!

Dog Andrew Dunn

We had a report of a vicious fight between a puppy and a Panther from Ryan Ridgeway. We’re sorry to say that arguably the finest panzer of the war didn’t fare well against this steely-eyed killer. The anti-tank dog is known as ‘Gizmo’ – a true tabletop terror.


We haven’t yet been able to establish the unconfirmed reports that the animals had in fact been trained by the players’ opponents, in an act of sabotage…

So beware, people! Keep your models safe and away from any curious paws and jaws!