Terminator Genisys: Reference Sheet available to Download!

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With the The War Against the Machines boxed game due to be released next month, excitement is building across the internet for the release of the Terminator Genisys Miniatures Game.

We’re shipping Alessio out to the Beasts of War studios in the coming weeks to film all sorts of videos to showcase the Terminator Genisys Miniatures Game – however, to get things started, he has given us the Reference Sheet as a download…


The first side gives a full break-down of the rule,- covering all of the core mechanics needed to play the Terminator Genisys Miniatures Game.

This page includes all of the rules for all of the miniatures contained within the ‘The War Against the Machines’ Box Set

Term Ref

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The reverse side covers the specific stats for each of the models – again, covering all of the models within ‘The War Against the Machines’

Term Ref 2If you download the Reference Sheet, and take a quick look through the playlist of videos from River Horse, you can get a real feel for the game before getting your hands on The War Against the Machines.

‘The War Against the Machines’

This past week, the final components arrived at the Warlord warehouse to begin production of the ‘The War Against the Machines’ box sets – and the first pallets of stock are starting to ship out to customers who have pre-ordered their copies!

Terminator being packed


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If you have a relevant blog or YouTube Channel, and you’d like to review a copy of ‘The War Against the Machines,’ please get in touch by sending us an email to info@warlordgames.com – and please include a link to your blog/channel.