• Greetings.

    In “Albion Triumphant vol.2.” Hanoverian Jager companies armed with smoothbore musket in description, and have special rule “mixed formation with rifles”.

    In army list they have cost of 33 points. It would be correct if they were completley armed with rifled muskets.

    And here I see them only armed with rifles…[Read more]

  • Igor replied to the topic Rules Question Thread in the forum Black Powder 3 years, 2 months ago

    The question is about friendly skirmisers. ENEMY skirmishers don`t block LOS for artillery, but what if there are FRIENDLY skirmishers on the line of fire?

  • Igor replied to the topic Rules Question Thread in the forum Black Powder 3 years, 3 months ago

    In 2nd Edition artillery coul ignore enemy skirmishers when firing in some cases. They don`t block them LOS. But can artillery fire through friendly skirmishers?

    Example: french ligth battalion is standing betwen french battery and british infantry. British battery can ignore this skirmishers as they are far then 12″ from it and can hit french…[Read more]

  • I`m going to paint set of Napoleonic Portugese Line infantry.

    But I dont have enough information how flank companies were different from center. Where can I find information about it? I`we read that battalion organisation war like in british battalions. What I must know to pain grenadiers and light company in the right way?

  • Example.

    Player takes Imperial Guard: 1 brigade of old Guards, 1 brigade of Young Guards (2 brigades total)

    As allies he takes 1 brigade from French Army

    do they count as one army or as different for purposes of determining breack of an army?

    If Young Guards brigade is broken, does all the Imperial Guards broken as 1/2 of their brigades is…[Read more]

  • So I don`t uderstand why players must write the order of march?

    Or it means that player must first set up units from brigade in the head of the marching order and if there is enough room, he may place units from the next marching brigade?

  • In special rules for this scenario is written:

    Before the game starts each player writes a simple order
    of march, for example “Lane’s Brigade, followed by
    Hoole’s Brigade, then Dale’s Brigade…” and so on. This
    is the order in which the brigades will enter the table, with
    each brigade arriving in march column if cavalry or
    infantry, or limbered…
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