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    Player takes Imperial Guard: 1 brigade of old Guards, 1 brigade of Young Guards (2 brigades total)

    As allies he takes 1 brigade from French Army

    do they count as one army or as different for purposes of determining breack of an army?

    If Young Guards brigade is broken, does all the Imperial Guards broken as 1/2 of their brigades is broken or there must be broken 1 more brigade (Old Guards or French Army)?

    As I understand: if 1 guards brigade is broken, Imperial Guard as separate army is broken, but French Army brigade ignores it because guards are from another army list and totaly 1 of 3 players brigades is broken.

    Garry Wills

    The rules talk about half the brigades in the army as a whole, so I would interpret the situation you describe, as the army is defeated when any two of the three brigades are broken. Obviously some scenarios involving less reliable coalition partners might interpret it differently.


    Well I’d take the rules that a 2 battalion brigade needs both destroyed to brake the brigade and take it up the army level.. so a 2 brigade army would need both broken to break the army.

    So what you’d lose it flexiblity of having larger brigades you’d gain in overal staying power of the army…. It also means that this issue only turns up if you have 2 brigades in both contingents, after all its only the Imperial Guard who can take up to 50% (off memory) in allied brigades, everyone else is limited to 25%


Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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