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    In “Albion Triumphant vol.2.” Hanoverian Jager companies armed with smoothbore musket in description, and have special rule “mixed formation with rifles”.

    In army list they have cost of 33 points. It would be correct if they were completley armed with rifled muskets.

    And here I see them only armed with rifles http://centjours.mont-saint-jean.com/detail_uniformes_uniteBR.php?rubrique=U&uniformes=40&drapeau=

    texte alternatif

    So what should be correct? All unit whith rifles or partly armed whith rifled musket unit whith cost redused from 33 to 32 points?


    Yep… if you work out the points a number of units across all 3 books are a few points out …

    Brunswick vanguard Battalions are a point over costed, the Nassau Jage Coy is 2 points UNDER costed…. the British Congreve & Howitzer artillery units  end up being 4 points under costed… then you get the change in books as to how much downgrading to a half battery costs.. the biggest culparets are the tiny french cavalry units who if you give a discount of 10 points for being tiny are still under costed by 3 or 7 points!  (saxon tiny cav given a 5 point discount are 1 point over costed)

    The costs are a guide not a science in the Black powder books… which is why in V2 they dropped the points matrix completely!  So long as you and your opponent are happy go with either cost.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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