• My objection to spotter holding taking something is economic. A 50 point mortar and 10 point spotter would be able to take 2 objectives.

    That doesn’t seem quite right .

  • Thanks all.

    I didn’t have Empire in flames so didn’t see that.

  • Currently I am building a japanese army.  I have no idea on what their native irregulars would like and where to get figures for them.

    Since this is new army be prepared for lotsa rules questions.



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    Sorry if this has been answered. If a unit is charged, does not shoot, and  has not done anything yet, does it use an order dice fighting  in the close combat ?

  • Thanks. We do not have that book so don’t play those scenarios. Thanks for quick response.

  • In armies of Soviet Union lend lease shows only way to get a M3 scout car is under the Armor car section. The M3 in  armor car section shows it to be unable to carry passengers. Easy Army shows them in Transport section but how did they get there. Do they show up in another book I don’t have


  • I don’t know about railings and movement. What I know is I would not want to be a driver or 50 cal gunner with 2 30 cal gunners shooting thru front arc. I also would not want to be a side gunner when the other side gunner has climbed over railing ,holding onto weapon and shooting thru my arc.  It was probably done but my guess is rarely.

  • I’m not sure how we ended up playing like this but we think it is wrong. Do multi-shot small arms weapons ( assault rifle,submachine gun , etc. ) get 2 shots in close combat assaults than reroll hits or do they just get one shot and reroll if it hits. Thanks for all response this forum gives.

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    When this came up 3 of us just looked at each with dumb looks. We decided to go by exact  wording

    Here is situation.   An SU-76 lobbed 2 indirects 2 turns in row  at a unit and missed. Target unit decided to move out on same turn.

    Case closed we thought. But on next turn target asked if he moves that unit back before SU fires could SU be con…[Read more]

  • Nick replied to the topic Units on transport in the forum Bolt Action 3 years, 10 months ago

    And I thought this was a simple couple questions. To bad there aren’t any tournaments to drive judges crazy .  Anyway till more definitive answer comes along we’ll   house rule this one.

    Thanks to everyone for input.

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    Since we use a fair amount of flamers I know this will come up. A flamethrower hits a transport but does not destroy or immobilize it , the transport passes the fire test would both transport and riders take same amount of pins. Also if it hits but doesn’t penetrate would pins also apply to both. The value of a flamethrower can really go up or…[Read more]

  • This happened recently. A transport with a squad in was hit and destroyed by both a panzerfaust and flamethrower coming from same unit. Questions: Does the hit unit for wounds (after d6) get hit by the penetration of the weapons or just their morale level? Would the unit if technically hit by flamer also need a flamer  morale test ?

    Thanks ahead of time

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    Along the reaction fire lines, I would assume (oh oh ) the hull could not pivet to shoot if attacl coming from side or rear. But would the turret get a free rotate in order to fire.


  • Are heavy weapons -1 to penetration hitting soft targets and infantry?



  • Nick replied to the topic Soviet LMG Squad in the forum Bolt Action 4 years, 1 month ago

    This is a pure guess. Green guys are simply inexperienced and new. Inexperienced and not available as green means they just  suck and already had experience and didn’t improve.