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  • Ah, not seen that one yet, so presumably don’t have the set that introduced the card.

  • Has this mission been modified from the original printing in the ‘Airstrike’ book? Or perhaps the rules for scoring Area Hits?

    The Attacker can win outright by destroying 2 targets – however, they cannot normally destroy any targets due to a lack of bombers with which to score Area Hits.

  • Having both, and having played both, the Hold Fast version is the one to play. The ‘Smuggling Run’ scenario looks to be actually winnable now whereas before it was a killer. The new version is also set up for multiple players rather than just 2.


    Note that the Hold Fast supplement also includes more British, French, Spanish and US Characters…[Read more]

  • Just roll off for what happens.

    You could set up the board for a game, but seriously it would be incredibly one sided in favour of the attacker.

    Close Quarters page 50 denotes transport capacity for a number of units. The LCM-3 is noted to transport 30 men or 1 light tank/armoured car/APC or 1 Medium tank/self propelled gun…meaning a typical…[Read more]

  • After finding my copy of Close Quarters (the Cruel Seas expansion), turns out they have ‘Invasion Rules’ on page 50.

    A Reinforced Platoon would barely be noticeable in VaS. You can fit the standard 1,000pts into about 5 LCM-3s (British/Americans) , a Marinefahrpram (Germany/Italy) or 3 Daihatsu Landing Craft (Japan). Tank War force would be a bit…[Read more]

  • Whilst I don’t see any reason you can’t play out an air-raid on a unit using Airstrike, or an attack on transported units using VaS/CS I would point out that in the first case there is no air defence, so it would simply be attack aircraft vs. Flak with no real penalty for the attacker.

    In the second case, again there should be no warships in the…[Read more]

  • Finally got around to playing a game involving Galleys (tough but weakly armed) and Xebecs (fast and powerful, just don’t look at them too hard) and as always ran into a few issues, mostly with Oars.

    The rules for moving under oars is nice and simple – ‘move as if at Battle Sails’ – but can a ship move slower if it desires?

    Likewise, is a ship…[Read more]

  • Sloops are already in the game, covering any unrated ship with 18 or fewer guns – ships with 20+ guns were usually rated.

    Although called Brigs, the term is a contraction of Brig (rigged) Sloops and were a successor to the Snow Sloop. There were also Bermuda Sloops.

    In game, I think the Brig is based on the 18-gun Cruizer-class and the Sloop is…[Read more]

  • Flamethrowers (and Molotov cocktails) were very effective against WW2 tanks…if they were careless enough to let a flamethrower-armed enemy get within range.

    The carburettor-fed engines were inefficient at burning fuel, resulting in large quantities of vapour in the exhaust fumes, allowing you to “brew up” an enemy tank

    A fire over the…[Read more]

  • Mine finally turned up today. A good book indeed, but…I’ve already spotted an issue with the [i]Nelson[/i]-class battleships on page 133.

    *Q Turret is shown to be super-super-firing, instead of broadside only

    *The 24″ MkI torpedoes are shown as forward firing, which doesn’t match the reality of a single submerged tube in each broadside.

    Other…[Read more]