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    James Figiel

    What are you all doing when you have sea units attacking land units in transports. In my case it’s for Victory at sea. Is it a normal sea battle? Do you represent the troop carriers somehow? If you do what happens if the carrier gets sunk?  I love the scenario generation possibilities, but the rules I think are a little short on some of the outlier scenario.  The same problem exists with air units attacking a ground unit. Do you use  the Airstrike rules or a bolt action scenario with air support. I’m looking for ideas and thoughts on the subject.


    I would go with the attacking force choosing the game…

    IE if air units attack then its BRS (either airstrike or sqn v sqn)
    if sea unit then its VaS or CS…

    For VaS v transports I would see how many transports / proxies for them I have and then allocate BA army points to each transport with 10-20% allocated to convoy protection

    ie a 1K BA army would be 10 transports (each one worth 100 BA points) with 100-200 points of convoy protection from  DDs / Cruisers / 0-1 BB or CV

    My view is Combined Arms is a round of play testing short of a full release,  aka a good idea but not fully realised unfortunatley

    Andrew Cree

    Just roll off for what happens.

    You could set up the board for a game, but seriously it would be incredibly one sided in favour of the attacker.

    Close Quarters page 50 denotes transport capacity for a number of units. The LCM-3 is noted to transport 30 men or 1 light tank/armoured car/APC or 1 Medium tank/self propelled gun…meaning a typical 1,000pt platoon would require between 3 and 5 depending on composition. No navy is going to detach a CV or BB to escort that force. For example, in ‘These Men are Dangerous’ Ulster Monarch – landing SAS-trained raiders – operated without escort*.


    Likewise, if an air unit attacks a surface target…they get to operate more or less unopposed. You could set up an ‘Airstrike’ mission with the platoon as a target but…other than the flak, what defences are there? Heck, if you have an air spotter then you might even be able to whistle up a single fighter…against a heavily escorted raid.

    Now I will allow that using VaS and a force with one or more CVs would allow for a more spirited air defence, might even want to rule for planes launching from carriers (start disadvantaged, 1-2 planes per turn?).

    For the most part though, I’d apply KISS and just roll off.


    *This did lead to an interesting exchange with a cruiser:

    Cruiser (C): Where the hell do you think you’re going?

    Ulster Monarch (UM): Am going in

    C: Proceed south at once

    UM: Am going in to land troops

    C: What support do you want

    UM: Everything


    I got this random thought popping into my mind in past two weeks; ”How to make more of the hex maps of other warzones/-theaters?”

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