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  • Thanks that’s what I’m thinking too. The original author was probably trying to emulate the skirmish rules before they were invented with the relaxed 1 inch rule.  But still seems to need a game master German player with randomized movement/actions.

    The real action was amazing because it was conducted in broad daylight. Capt Kim and PFC Akah…[Read more]

  • Scenario 2 – Captain Kim’s Recon Patrol

    Captain Young Oak Kim’s daring recon raid to capture German soldiers for intelligence is the stuff of legend. Five lightly armed Nisei snuck of the Anzio beachhead, past enemy frontline outposts and into the rearguard using nothing more than wheat fields and drainage ditches for cover. Once there, they…[Read more]

  • I live in Hawaii where the 100th Infantry Battalion is a big deal. I got into Bolt Action because of the nisei figures and the sample scenarios because I wanted to use the game to educate kids about what their grandfathers went through. I was just contacted by the family of the soldier who went on Captain Kim’s patrol and I think they’d like to…[Read more]

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