Strontium Dog

<strong>Late 22nd century</strong>. After the Atomic Wars of 2150, many survivors were warped by the Strontium 90 fallout. These ‘mutants’ became a victimised underclass, and the only job open to them was bounty hunting. One such Strontium Dog is <strong>Johnny Alpha</strong> whose mutant eyes allow him to see through solid objects and read brainwave patterns. <h3>The Strontium Dog Miniatures Game</h3> Strontium Dog is a skirmish tabletop battle game for two or more players set in the Strontium Dog universe defined by legendary comic creators John Wagner and Carlos Ezquerra. In it Mutant Search/Destroy agents – the Strontium Dogs – are bounty hunters in a dangerous universe full of outlaws, pirates and corruption. Their official sanction from the Galactic Crime Commission lets them operate across many worlds and jurisdictions – even time itself – yet they are hated and feared not just by the criminals they hunt but by normal people as well. Players take control of a small team of bounty hunters or the outlaws, criminals and renegades they hunt in gun battles, chases and showdowns across the galaxy.

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Time was when a man could commit various acts of evil and hide from justice forever in an expanding galaxy! Times have changed! Today is the day of the…  Strontium Dog View in Store What is Strontium Dog? The setting is late in the 22nd century. Many survivors of the devastating Atomic Wars were mutated…