Pike & Shotte, Showcase

Showcase: Landsknechts by Francesco Thau

Francesco Thau shares his stunning work on the latest Warlord Games plastic Landsknechts! If Francesco’s inspirational work has tempted you to get started with your own Hussars then charge over to the store today: View The Landsknechts in Store See more of Francesco’s stunning work here:   View Francesco Thau’s articles If you have an article or collection of…

Black Powder, Napoleonic Wars 1789-1815, Showcase

British Cavalry on the horizon!

What’s that we can hear? Why yes… it’s the Heavy British Cavalry thundering across the battlefields of  Napoleonic Belgium, in stores 17th June! The British Household Brigade Cavalry or the 1st Cavalry Brigade – was arguably Britain’s finest unit of cavalry. Impatient due to seeing little action in the Peninsular war and tired of parades, the Household Brigade was only…

Bolt Action, Bolt Action - German, Showcase

Ostfront – The Germans

With the new Armies of Germany book Second Edition about to arrive in gaming shops and battlefields across the world, it’s a good time to look at an accompanying Bolt Action Theatre Book – Ostfront, allowing the many budding German commanders out there access to a whole heap of excellent options…   View in Store One of the iconic vehicles of…