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British Cavalry on the horizon!

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What’s that we can hear? Why yes… it’s the Heavy British Cavalry thundering across the battlefields of  Napoleonic Belgium, in stores 17th June!

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The British Household Brigade Cavalry or the 1st Cavalry Brigade – was arguably Britain’s finest unit of cavalry. Impatient due to seeing little action in the Peninsular war and tired of parades, the Household Brigade was only too pleased to be on the field at Waterloo to show what these gentlemen could do.Layout 1

“Trumpeter, sound the advance!”


The glorious new plastic frames provide excellent detailed extras to make the Heavy Dragoons


During the Hundred Days campaign of 1815, it was the 2nd British heavy cavalry brigade – made up of three elite heavy dragoon regiments – that smashed the enormous attack columns of d’Erlon’s corps in the opening moves at Waterloo, putting to flight, capturing or killing thousands of French infantry.

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This set allows you to build any of the three regiments in the Union Brigade as well as headgear options for the Peninsular campaign.



The Scots Greys!

Great Britain had long appreciated the martial prowess of the Scottish soldier and more so the fierce Highlanders. They hailed from a beautiful, yet often bleak, country that could not offer great prospects for a young man.

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They were reputed to have run alongside the famous Scots Greys cavalry charge at Waterloo, clinging to tails and stirrups to carry themselves into the enemy faster – Scotland forever!


In stores 17th June 2017

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