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New: British Airborne Starter Army + Expansion Set + More!

The British Airborne are getting ready to exit their transports and descend toward your battlefields with the new British Airborne Starter Army + Expansion Set + more!

British Airborne Starter Army


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This box set contains – British Airborne Army 1,000 points army list:

  • Second Lieutenant & one extra rifleman (Veteran)* – 78 pts
  • Artillery Forward Observer* – FREE
  • Paratroop Section (10) NCO and 2 soldiers with SMGs, LMG team* – 166 pts
  • Paratroop Section (10) NCO and 1 soldier with SMGs, LMG team* – 163 pts
  • Paratroop Section (8) NCO and 3 soldiers with SMGs* – 121 pts
  • Vickers MMG team (Veteran) – 65 pts
  • Light Mortar team (Veteran) – 46 pts
  • Medium Mortar team with Spotter* (Veteran) – 75 pts
  • PIAT team (Veteran)* – 52 pts
  • Sniper team (Veteran)* – 65 pts
  • Flamethrower team (Veteran) – 65 pts
  • QF 6-pdr anti-tank gun (Veteran) – 90 pts

Total: 986 pts
* Made from the components of the plastic sprues included
With trademark red beret and armed with Sten and Bren Guns the British Airborne were determined and tenacious, as only the British Tommy can be.

Striking German forces with precision and speed during actions at Pegasus Bridge, the Merville Battery and during Operation Market Garden in Arnhem, the Red Devils became legendary.

This boxed set contains enough to make a 1,000 point army of plastic and metal British (or Polish) airborne troops in mid to late war uniforms.

The army list can easily be reconfigured to suit your playing style and when you are ready to expand your force there are plenty of options in the ever-growing Bolt Action range of miniatures and vehicles.

Check your kit and fix bayonets – it’s time to drop in on the enemy…

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British Airborne Expansion Set


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Fully unleash the might of the British Airborne with this expansion set, designed to go hand in hand with the starter army. By dropping the light mortar and fielding the extras in this set you’ll have what you need to field a 1250 point force or enough extras to mix and match your own elite force.

This expansion set truly gives the Airborne the staying power that they need with the Tetrarch, not the beefiest tank in the world, but it certainly isn’t a pushover! Maneuver your new Airborne Command squad with the Recce Jeep, and command at pivotal positions and ensure victory!
This expansion set contains:

  • Airborne HQ (Officer Radio NCO SMGs + medic)- 146 pts
  • Jeep & Trailer – 35 pts
  • Tetrarch – 105 pts


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British Airborne Drop Canisters

Whilst each man carried their own rifle and pistol, holding on to any more equipment was too big enough of a risk, so as the squad dropped, a cache of weapons dropped with them carrying heavier weapons like the Bren, spare ammo and more!


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British Airborne Division

Packed with everything you need to take on the might of Germany this awesome set works particularly well alongside Pegasus Bridge or the Ham & Jam collectors set! You also get the Exclusive Dennis On model with this deal, win the war with true British grit!


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In this set you get:

  • The entire British Airborne Starter Army
  • British Airborne HQ
  • Tetrarch Light Tank
  • British Airborne Jeep & Trailer
  • British Airborne Drop Canisters
  • Never Surrender British Para Dennis on
  • Horsa Glider

Damn, that’s a pretty big set!

Getting ready to land!


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409911103 British Airborne Jeep & Trailer with Horsa Glider

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409911102 British Airborne Landing Platoon with Horsa Glider

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