Hail Caesar

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Sting of the Scorpion!

This week’s new release is one you’ve been waiting eagerly for – the Imperial Roman Scorpion catapult! Manned by two Legionaries this war machine fires a heavy arrow unerringly into the massed ranks of the enemy or dashes defenders from their fortifications. Every century in a Legion would have one of these bolt-throwers attached to…

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Brushing Up!

Fresh from the painting table of Dr Phil Hendry are these beautifully painted metal Auxiliaries. Painted using The Army Painter hobby products the unit is finished off beautifully with Little Big Men Studios transfers. Bloody marvellous they look too! If the holy trinity of finely-detailed, dynamically-posed Warlord Games miniatures, revolutionary Army Painter hobby products and…

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We’ve received lots of notes from you excited about our great artwork. One great suggestion from forum member SafetyStick was to make it available as a desktop wallpaper. We live but to serve… To personalise your desktop with our remarkable artwork select the resolution you require below. In the new window that opens revealing your…