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Sometimes all the enthusiasm and well-meaning energy can distract you from what’s important.  This is certainly the case as regards the shield designs we put in the Celtic Warriors plastic boxed set.

When we released our Roman plastics we gave you a sheet of full-colour waterslide decals in the box.  Many of you really liked them but a fair few of you got in touch saying that waterslides were a pain to apply over the shields boss and that they’d spoilt a few of their transfers in the process. We started looking at alternatives…

Prior to this the chaps at The Army Painter, who had painted us a huge Roman army in a day, had tipped us off to what we thought may be the solution. As our waterslide transfers weren’t available when they painted our army we’d given them the image of one shield and they’d printed it out on a regualr printer so they could cut out and glue it on to the scutums. They found this both very easy and effective. So, inspired by Bo and Jonas’ experience on this we looked at printed solutions.

There were a variety of media that we could have used but by far the most agreeable was the self-adhesive variety we added to the Celtic Warriors box. Extremely easy to apply, no need for water or glues and the designs aren’t muted by the printing process. With artwork produced for us by Stephen Hales of Little Big Men Studios they would be a winner!

Now, with this research and development complete and all manner of other goodies in the pipeline requiring our attention we forgot to mention one very important piece of information to you all – the fact we’d changed from waterslide to self-adhesive. At first we were baffled when some of you got in touch to say our Celtic transfers were less than adequate (that’s the polite version!). After a bit of digging we realised we cocked up by not telling everyone about the great new shield designs and people were dipping them in water in the same fashion as those in the Roman boxed set. We’re big enough and ugly enough (rather over-qualified on both counts…) to put our hands up and say we made a mistake. For that we humbly apologise.

Cutting out Celtic Warrior shield stickers

So, what are we going to do rectify the situation? A couple of things for starters:

Firstly we’re going to send replacement sheets of Celtic shield designs to anyone that has had a problem with theirs. It’s the least we can do – you want your Warlord Games miniatures to look as splendid as ever great looking armies and if we’ve done anything to detract from that goal we’ll put it right.

If you’ve come a cropper on this please email us at with your name and full postal address and we’ll post you out a sheet of replacement shield designs free of charge.

Secondly we’ve all but sold out of our Celtic Warriors and a reprint is just around the corner. We’ll be very clear about the new-style shield designs on the new box so no-one else will not fall foul of this in future.

Once again we deeply apologise for any inconvenience this may have caused you. We hold quality of our products as one of the highest priorities at Warlord Games and won’t accept second best. Thank you for being so understanding over this problem which was simply borne out of a deep desire to keep making our products even better each time.


The Warlord Games team