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Fresh Troops!

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Despite all the excitement about our plastic boxed sets we’ve not been idle in adding even more to our range of metal models for both our Celt and Imperial Roman ranges. This veritable plethora of new releases is are available to buy via our webstore now!


Roman Auxiliaries

The troops who did most of the fighting are available at last!

We have 6 dynamically posed miniatures representing the various auxiliary units that manned the frontiers and front lines in battle. Clad in chainmail and carrying their distinctive oval shields and spears these are ably command by a highly decorated centurion supported by cornicen and standard bearer carrying signum standard.

Auxiliary 1 Auxiliary 2 Auxiliary 3
Auxiliary 4 Auxiliary 6

We also have some absolutely beautiful shield transfers from Little Big Men Studios which are specially sized to fit our shields. There are 5 different sheets of shield designs with 15 images for the classic oval-shaped auxiliary shields and one for the buckler used by standard bearers and cornicerns alike. These sheets are available for £4 each.`

Auxiliary Shield transfers

Four of the Auxiliaries come with separate spears whilst two have them modelled on, and are £1.10 each, or £8.00 for eight complete troopers (saving you 10%),

We also have the Auxiliary Regiment boxed set which includes 24 models – 21 troopers and 3 command models. This costs just £24 (saving you £2.85).

We highly recommend the Auxiliary Detachment boxed set! 21 troopers, 3 command models, and enough superb Little Big Men transfers to finish off all the models in the unit. For just £32 this will be an eye-catching and glorious addition to your Legion!

The Auxiliary command group is available at £1.25 each model, all three for £3.50.

On My command…

Many of you have asked for more variants for Legionary command models. And here they are!

Legionary_Centurion Legionary Standard Bearer Legionary Cornicern

We have 3 models to lead the troops – a cornicen, a vexillarius and a centurion, all beautifully sculpted in white metal who can all be mixed in with your Cohorts so that no Legion need look the same. They are available at £1.25 each or at £3.50 for all three.

Nice one centurion!

The senior centurion of a legion, and commander of the first cohort, was called the primus pilus. This translates to first file’ not ‘first spear’ as some incorrectly translate the Latin to be. The Legion’s first cohort was, at 800 men, larger than the others and led by the primus pilus – a career soldier and advisor to the legate himself.

Primus Pilus

Only a handful of officers in a fully officered legion outranked the Primus Pilus: The legate, commanding the legion; the senior tribune; the Camp Prefect; and the five junior tribunes.

This hoary, dramatically-posed veteran is just what you want to lead your best Cohort. Of course he can also be used as a regular centurion in your other units!

He is available for £2 and has a separate metal scutum shield.



Feared and loathed in equal amounts by the conquering Roman armies, the Druids are vital to making a British army work to their best advantage on the field of battle – they also add a great amount of character to your army!

We know very little indeed about how they looked or even what they believed in, and what we do know comes from the victorious Roman side which must be viewed with some suspicion as propaganda. The traditional view of a druid is a mystical old bloke with a long white beard, cutting mistletoe with his sickle. We can’t be having any of that romantic nonsense can we!

The Warlord Games Druids are a tough bunch either way, and not the sort to meet on a dark night let alone lining the shores of Angelsey whipping their forces up into a frenzy! There are 3 Druid miniatures so far:

Wizened Druid Skyclad Druid Hag Druid

The first miniature depicts an ancient Druid who has been there and seen it all. A wily old fox on the field of battle you’ll have to get up very early to outwit him! His staff is laden with animal bones – Celts had a very strong affinity with animal, believing they chose individual humans and imparted upon them their secrets/powers (snakes, for example were supposed to associated with wisdom, reincarnation and cunning). Spooky stuff!

Next we have a skyclad druid. Not content with inspiring his followers with words he also takes the fight directly into the enemy battleline. Heavily muscled and wearing a leather cap decked with animal horns he mesmerises friend and foe alike as he cuts a bloody swathe through anyone foolish enough to stand in his way of his twin sickles

Finally, we have an old hag. Clad in a gown made up of skins taken from all manner of creatures and with the head of her last victim at her feet. Scrying using animal parts she leads her warriors on through blind fear of her mystical power.

These highly characteful and unique models are available at £1,25 each or all three for £3.50, bargain!

Celt Army Standard Bearer

Despite their ferocious and barbaric appearance Celts, like all troops, fought under tribal banners and standards – two examples of which you get in the plastic Celtic Warriors boxed set. But for your army standard bearer you want something even more impressive!

Celtic Army Standard Bearer

This characterful model holding the army’s standard aloft and clutching the severed head of a recently vanquished foe is available for £2.00

Celtic Slingers

Whilst the big blocks of Celtic Warriors are busy smashing into the Roman lines and dealing out mayhem left and right, they are being ably supported by the highly-skilled slingers who have been bombarding the Roman line with a hail of stones, denting shields and helmets , and inflicting dreadful wounds which the most skilled Roman surgeons find tricky to mend. Slingers could throw a rounded stone out to astonishing ranges often with terrifying accuracy, and would drive in light troops and close down heavier troops from moving quickly.

Celtic Slinger Celtic Slinger Celtic Slinger
Celtic Slinger
Celtic Slinger

Our slingers are stripped down for action, lightly armed and eager for the fray. They are available individually for £1.10 each, or at £8.00 a blister of eight or a handy unit at £16.00 for 16.There are 5 variants and are randomly supplied in the packs along with a buckler sprue.

Coming Soon!

Because you’ve all been good boys and girls here’s a reward – the first look at something that will be released very soon.

Here at Warlord Games we’re proud to announce our first war machine – the Imperial Roman scorpion sculpted by ex-Games Workshop ace Tim Adcock (creator of the Baneblade, amongst many others!). Tim has captured superbly the graceful yet brutal lines of the Legions’ light artillery. A Legion could field about 60 of these deadly machines (one per century on average) and could make a real difference at set piece sieges.

Imperial Roman Scorpion

The crew are hot at work preparing to launch another salvo into the ranks of the enemy!.

Spies disloyal to the Emperor have even given accounts of a carroballista! A cart-mounted, mule-driven scorpion which can move around the field and deliver firepower where it is most needed. If we were to believe this somewhat fantastical story, then we might need a few days to ascertain its truth…