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Osprey: Nelson’s Navy

Nelson’s Navy View in Store Code: ELI 48 Author: Phillip Haythornthwaite   Despite the many celebrated victories of the British Army during the Napoleonic Wars, the role of the Royal Navy should never be overlooked. The ‘wooden walls’ formed the country’s first and most important line of defence, and ranged throughout the world to protect…

Black Seas, Uniforms & History

Osprey: Horatio Nelson

Horatio Nelson View in Store Code: CMD 16 Author: Angus Konstam   The most famous admiral in history, Horatio Nelson’s string of naval victories helped secure Britain’s place as the world’s dominant maritime power, a position she held for more than a century after Nelson’s death. A young officer during the American Revolution, Nelson rose…

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Spotlight: Battle of the Nile

Today we’re heading back to 1798 to the Battle of the Nile, where Nelson scored a famous victory that secured the Royal Navy’s dominance on the seas. Also known as the Battle of the Aboukir Bay, the Battle of the Nile marked a turning point in strategic naval dominance for the British in the war….

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Black Seas: Sails and Ratlines

Sails and Ratlines allow you to add an incredible level of detailing to the miniatures in Black Seas. The sheets are now available separately. The sails are printed, laminated and pre-cut. They look great on the models (after all they were painted by artist Peter Dennis!) and require very little effort to be added to…