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Black Seas: Digital Rulebook PDF

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Plot you fleet actions on the go. Black Seas is now available as a highly convenient PDF. The rulebook is a complete guide to the naval combat game.

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The Black Seas Rulebook is gloriously detailed and you can see Gabrio’s passion for the period throughout the 96 pages. It includes everything to play rules-wise, also delving into the likes of painting & rigging your vessels, campaign play, linking to games of Black Powder and national special rules options!

The Game

Black Seas focuses on the latter part of the golden age of sail – known as the ‘carronade era’ – which encompasses the period between 1770 and 1830. At this time sailing ships reached their peak of technological advancement, both in terms of speed and armament, and tactics employed became extremely refined and daring. HMS Victory, USS Constitution, Santisima Trinidad and Admiral Lord Nelson are amongst the leading protagonists of this era – legends of naval warfare.

These rules are designed for a fast-paced and fun game, rather than to give a completely authentic sailing simulation. They’re realistic in many respects, but several of the intricacies and difficulties of battling with a fully rigged sailing ship have been simplified to avoid games becoming bogged down in unnecessary minutiae and book-keeping.

Get Started

Begin your seafaring adventures with the Black Seas starter set. As well as the physical copy of the rulebook, you’ll receive a selection of brigs and frigates; giving you the makings of a fine fleet. Whatsmore, the miniatures can be used to represent vessels of any nation.

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Expand your seafaring adventures with the Navy Fleet sets, or add venerable vessels of legend to your fleets!


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